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 Post subject: Grid: Aura Monitor
PostPosted: May 7th, 2009, 6:02 pm  
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So, many of you have probably figured this out, but Grid has the ability to track things like buffs and debuffs on raid members. For those who know how to set it up, awesome! However, this is a post for those that do not.

So, for this example, we will use Ignis. Ignis give targets the Slag Pot debuff. If not healed quickly, that person will die. You all know this. However, while having the potted person call out their name, having to have the healers find said person on their frames, and then heal the person causes a loss of vital seconds in certain cases. That's where this feature comes in.

The first thing you need to do is open Grid's config box. This can be accessed from the minimap button, the addons tab under interface, or by typing /grid config.

The next thing you need to do is click on the status button (the "+" button).

Right at the top is a field named "auras" highlight it. You should see two boxes with the titles "Buffs" and "Debuffs."

Place your cursor in the debuff box and type the name of the debuff, in this case: Slag Pot (it is spelling and case sensitive). Then hit enter. Your text will disappear from the box.

Now that grid is searching for the debuff "Slag Pot" on targets, we need to choose how grid will display it. To do this, first close the status menu by clicking the "-" button. The click the "+" button next to frame.

Here you will see a number of options. We need one that is called 'icon" (center icon, side icon, corner icon ect. Center Icon is the only one available with default grid. No plugins). Highlight a field with "icon" in the name.

You will see a list of checkboxes. They are listed alphabetically. Scroll down to the "d" part of the list and you should see several things labeled "Debuff: <name of debuff>."

Check the box for Slag Pot. Note: you can have more than one checkbox selected, but only one debuff can occupy the icon at any one point, and it will always display the debuff most recently applied.

While Ignis is merely one scenario of where this feature is useful, I have entered in important debuffs to watch for all of the ulduar fights thus far (except algalon, his info is still a bit sketchy). TY for your time, and I hope this info was helpful :].

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