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Archaic is a Horde-side raiding guild on Kilrogg that focuses on 10-man progression content. During Burning Crusade and Wrath of the Lich King (as well as the first few months of Cataclysm) we were consistently ranked in the tops guilds of Kilrogg. With the declining interest in 25-man content we took a brief hiatus in the spring of 2011. We have since decided to reform as a tight-knit 10-man progression guild, with a slightly more lenient take on raiding.

We are currently 1/8 heroic, and committed to clearing all progression content.

We are always on the lookout for skilled, serious players who share our goal of clearing as much content as we are able to. Although we understand that real life tends to happen quite a bit, we are looking for a commitment; slackers, high-maintenance players and piss-poor raiders can apply elsewhere. If you don't fall into any of the aforementioned undesirables, don't hesitate to apply; we don't care if you haven't raided since Vanilla or if you've never set foot into a hardmode before... if you can compete and gel with our core, we'll welcome you all the same.

We prefer to recruit members that are 18 or older. I know that you are really mature for your age and that your mom doesn't mind if you stay up till 2AM playing with a bunch of salty wenches... but we often have found that it just doesn't work for us. As a wise man once said: "Just because your mom says you can drink beer... doesn't mean I'm going to buy it for you." While exceptions for truly mature individuals have been made, if you are under 18 think long and hard about whether you are an exception.

In order to raid with us, you must have maximized your gear to the best of your ability. Going into the first tier of raiding in Cataclysm you will be expected to have the best gear available (rep gear, heroic gear, etc) and to have prepped your character to the highest level required. All items must be enchanted and gemmed to their highest potential, necessary rep for item enhancements should be fulfilled and professions should be maxed out. In other words... don't be a slacker. If you don't take yourself seriously, how can we?

Additionally, we expect you to know how to play your class, do research on bosses ahead of time, take constructive criticism and constantly work to improve your character. Spending that extra time to understand current theorycrafting or to think about ways to overcome boss mechanics is what separates an excellent hard mode raider from a dead one.

Finally our raiders are expected to have consistently working equipment, including a headset AND mic. You don't have to be chatty, but you do have to be able to talk when needed.

If you are interested in joining, please contact Distonia (Jard), Akinosek, Senusloops or Vendemiaire.

Our current raid schedule is as follows:

Monday, Tuesday and Thursday from 7:30 to 10:30pm server time with raid invites going out any time between 7:00 and 7:20. Be prepared and ready to raid by this time.

Recruitment is currently closed.

If you don't see your class listed but feel that you have exceptional skills nonetheless, feel free to drop us an application. We are always looking for skilled, dedicated folks. Note that anyone applying is likely to see action almost immediately; though we are recruiting with aims of having a heavy bench, it has always been our goal to rotate members to get a fair amount of raid time. Finally, be aware that being able to play at least one of your offspecs with some ability will greatly increase your chances of being accepted.

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