Creating a WorldofLogs parse for your application
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Author:  Virix [ June 20th, 2011, 1:44 pm ]
Post subject:  Creating a WorldofLogs parse for your application

World of Warcraft logs are one of the fundamental tools used by raiding guilds to evaluate performance. Looking at DPS/HPS is a very basic item taken away from these logs.
Other, more important information, is also garnered such as:

- Is a person is standing in fire
- What spells/abilities are being used and in what frequency - used to baseline rotations
- What buffs are being cast (or not cast)
- etc.

Using World of Logs is very easy and its FREE

Step 1 - Go to
Step 2 - Create an *individual account* (your own)
Step 3 - Create a guild - Does not matter what it is named Example: YourNameGuild (Do not join your account to the Archaic guild as it will do you no good)
Step 4 - Start wow and type /combatlog - This will create an ASCII file (text file) called WoWCombatLog located in - Program Files ->World of Warcraft ->Logs, or <WoW Installation Directory>\Logs if you've installed World of Warcraft outside of the program files directory.
Step 5 - Join a Pug, Guild raid etc.
Note- If you D/C you'll have to type /combatlog to restart logging

After the raid, upload to World of Logs.
1) Go to
2) Start the World of Logs Client (on the same bar "Sign In/Help etc.) - This will open a Java app. You may have to update your java client if it is out of date or not compatible.
3) Type in login information if it's asked for
4) Click Open File
5) Navigate to and open the wowcombatlog file in the WoW installation directory.
6) Click yes. Do it again. And again, if necessary
7) When it's done uploading it should open a new browser window or tab with the parse for the raid you just uploaded. Copy that link, or:
8 ) Go to your (World of Logs) guild page, select the log you want to view and link on your application.

Original source (shamelessly stolen from): ... 18&id=6899

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